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Sophie's Name


Sophie Davida Finkle-Cohen got out of her bed even though it was 10:30 at night, and she was only seven and a half. And even though she had school the next morning.

Her parents were reading in the living room.

She stood by the door and waited. Finally her mother looked up. "You must be hungry," she said.

"I want..." Sophie began. "I want you to call me Sue."

"Sue?" her mother said.

"Or Betty," Sophie said. "Or even Jane."

"But Sophie Davida is your name," her father said.

"I don't like it," Sophie insisted. "It's too long."

"Then we'll just call you by the first part," her father said. "That will make it shorter."

"You don't understand," Sophie said, as she turned back to her room. "It's not just the number of letters."

Selected Works

Fiction under Phyllis Carol Agins
A tale of love discovered between a woman, and two very different men, and a boy searching for the people who become his three parents.
Snow White told only from the dwarves' point of view, as the human Suisan destroys their carefully crafted world.
Nonfiction, under Phyllis Agins Grode
An architectural study of religious institutions along the famous Old York Road corridor.
For Children, under Phyllis Agins Grode
Illustrated by Shelly O. Haas. Sophie Davida Finkle-Cohen thinks her name is too long and begs to be called "Sue."