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Never the Same River Twice

Co-authored with James Andrew Freeman

"Sensual, Environmental, Cerebral and Erotic Book."

"The first collaborative novel I've ever read by two authors who are not siblings, lovers or married to each other. And what a book they've created: this is the powerfully compelling tale of two families that come apart, struggle as we all do, merge, and come together. A beautifully written and sensual tale of love, sex, family and what matters. What a book! Prepare to lose an afternoon or evening, but how much you'll be gaining..."


"She manages to work a few sophisticated surprises (explicit sex among them) into a retelling of Snow White--there's a nice nasty edge that keeps things moving. Agins doesn't go for easy answers, a definite point in her favor."

"Phyllis Carol Agins tells a grand tale of the quest for wholeness."

"Agins brings a modern sensibility to bear on the Snow White fairy tale, adding just the right blend of bitters to the recipe."
-Jewish Exponent

One God, Sixteen Houses

"York Road outside Philadelphia is a trail of history where Indians once roamed and armies once marched. It is a microcosm of the growth of America. A distance of four miles, the road runs through an area where some of America's greatest wealth was lavished on huge estates and great art collections, where American and British troops skirmished during the Revolution, where the "underground railroad" had a station to receive fugitive slaves, and where thirty thousand black Union troops trained to fight under white officers during the Civil War. This is the story of the sixteen churches that serve the Old York Road corridor."
-Leon Clemmer, architect

Sophie's Name

Illustrated by Shelly O. Haas

"This is a wonderful book about a young girl who decides she hates her name and wants to change it. However, as she begins to learn about the people she was named after, she realizes how much her name really fits her."
-Jewish Family and Life: Traditions, Holidays, and Values for Today's Parents.

Five stars: Jewish Community Library of Greater New Haven